Our Company

Our company operates 45 years in the field of central air conditioning systems. It deals with the installation, marketing and technical support (maintenance) of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. It has experience and knowledge in central cold water production units (CHILLERS), special industrial refrigeration applications, central units (MULTI), compression two stages systems up to-70 º C, ice rinks, and VRV central systems.

Our company is staffed by mechanical engineer with M.Sc., in central air conditioning and industrial refrigeration systems, safety technician and 15 specialized licensed refrigeration technicians with years of experience and certificate of suitability refrigerant management, with special refrigeration equipment and coolant analysis.

The headquarters of our company is at a main road for the immediate service of our customers in cases of emergency operations, with fleet of vehicles and trucks which are fully equipped with required tools, as well as motorcycles for the immediate customer service.

We have a wide range of turnkey spare parts for central air conditioning systems and coolers, some of which are hard to find directly in the market.

The company emphasizes the excellent energy efficiency of refrigeration and air conditioning systems in order to reduce the cost of operation to the end user and the faster depreciation of the investment.

Also, our company annually supports the basis of contracts and agreements over 150 central buildings and companies.

Our Clients